Admission Policies

Based on the philosophy of Faith Baptist School, admissions standards are designed to help identify students who will be successful in this type of academic institution. The following criteria are used when evaluating student applications:

  • an academic ability that is average or above-average

  • age-appropriate development socially and emotionally

  • responsive to instruction and correction

  • a desire to attend Faith Baptist School

  • parents/guardians who are supportive of the school

Students are admitted on the basis of the former record and/or placement tests. According to Colorado state guidelines, applicants for kindergarten must be at least five (5) years of age prior to September 30 in order to be enrolled at Faith Baptist School. A birth certificate must be presented for kindergarten and new first-grade students.

All new students must present an Immunization Form upon enrolling at FBS. Colorado immunization requirements are available upon request in the school office.

Admission to Faith Baptist School is not determined on the basis of race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin; however, Faith Baptist School does maintain the right, as a private institution, to refuse admission to anyone who fails to meet the entrance requirements, or who have been diagnosed as having an incurable communicable disease, or who professes to be living a lifestyle contrary to that defined by Scripture. Faith Baptist School also maintains the right to suspend or expel any student who violates the Standards of Conduct or other rules defined by the school administration.

Application forms may be obtained by calling the school office.